Start Your Research


Required Steps:

1) Read the Guidelines for Facilities and Resources

Learn our most basic policies and procedures.

2) Forward a copy of your approved IRB Protocol and IRB Approval email to Tia Tyndal.

3) If you are interested in utilizing additional IBRC resources please let Tia know at this time (i.e. IBRC mini-grant funds, the Duke Behavioral Research participant pool, laptops, etc.)

4) Complete this brief Pre-Study Form

When your study is finished, you will be asked to fill out a Post-Study Form.

5) Tour the lab at least two weeks before your study is set to begin.

Schedule a time with Tia to tour the lab. You’ll be able to get a sense of what room options might work for your study, see where resources in the lab are located, learn lab protocols, and ask any questions you may have about the IBRC.

6) Reserve your room(s) at least one week in advance.

To schedule rooms please contact Tia Tyndal 

7) If you will be utilizing the Duke Behavioral Research Participant Pool, you should create your study and post timeslots so participants can sign up. 

8) Be sure that all research assistants interacting directly with participants have the proper Human Subjects Research CITI training completed.

As required by Duke for those conducting human subjects research, all researchers must complete the CITI training: History and Ethical Principles. See the Duke Office of Research Support website for more information about this required training.

All undergraduate research assistants must complete this brief IBRC Research Assistant Training module.


Additional Resources:

Duke Behavioral Research Participant Pool.

Most researchers utilize our participant pool, which consists of both Duke students and triangle community members. If you will utilize the Duke Behavioral Research participant pool, ask Tia for a researcher account on SONA. You will be able to login, post your study, set qualifiers, and monitor sign-ups here.

If you will utilize your own participant roster, please provide your schedule to Tia Tyndal.

IBRC Mini-grants.

The IBRC offers a limited number of $600 mini-grants exclusively for participant payment when utilizing IBRC resources. 

Contact Tia Tyndal at if you would like to apply.